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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions

  • How does the directory work?
    Online customers search the directory by entering a city and state. The Florist listings for that city will be displayed. We have 2 levels of paid memberships, Gold and Silver. Gold members always appear at the top of the city search results. Silver members are listed next. The listings in each city rotate within their membership level, each time someone searches on that city.
  • How will the orders come to my shop?
    Your membership listing includes your shop’s address, phone numbers and a link to your website so that customers can select the option that is most comfortable for them to place their order. We are NOT a wire service. We do not touch the orders at all. Our directory is a conduit to send more traffic to your shop. Through the directory, you receive orders at 100%!
  • How will I know if the directory is working for me?
    We offer two ways for you to track the results you receive from our directory. (1) We send you an email every time a visitor clicks through to your website from our directory. (2) Create a Unique Tracking URL and assign it to A Unique Tracking URL allows you to capture additional important information about your visitors. For more on Unique Tracking URL see * below.
    We also recommend that you ask ALL your new customers how they found your shop.
  • * What is the Unique URL for and where would I get one?
    A Unique Tracking URL is a unique series of letters and characters added to your basic web address. It allows you to track important information about your website visitors, such as where the visitors came from and the value of their purchase. We recommend that you have one for any advertising campaign you have on the Internet, so you can see how each one is working for you. Your web administrator can create a Unique Tracking URL for you. If you have a Teleflora or FTD website, just contact them and they will create one for you at no charge. Or call us and we can order this for you.
  • I don’t have a website, can I still join the directory?
    We highly recommend doing all you can to improve your shop’s online presence, which includes having a website, however, you can certainly become a member without having a website.
  • There are already shops listed in my area. Will they always appear above my listing?
    Within each membership level, the listings will randomly rotate each time someone searches on that city. This way, each shop has an equal chance to appear at the top of their membership level.
  • There are already several Gold members listed in the cities I deliver to. Since they signed up first, will they always be listed before me?
    Because the listings rotate within each membership level, you are not at a disadvantage because you signed up after other shops in your area.
  • I have several websites, can I list all of them in the directory?
    At this time, you can only list one website link. We recommend that you select one that gives customers the ability to order online.
  • I have more than one shop. Can I include them all in one listing?
    If you want to be able to display each shop’s address and phone numbers, you would need to purchase a separate listing for each shop. However, with a Gold or Silver membership, you can include text in your listing, so you could reference the fact that you have multiple shops in the area. You could also select the towns your other shops are in as your delivery cities for your listing.
  • How is the directory advertised?
    To attract customers, we are doing considerable paid advertising with the two major search Internet engines (Google, Yahoo) for our site. We appear on all the most popular flower related search terms.
    A link to our directory has been added to thousands of other websites and online directories to make our directory even more visible to online customers.
  • What is the cost to join?
    We offer 2 levels of membership, depending on how aggressively you wish to market your shop, both with NO ORDER FEES!

    GOLD ($595/year) - Gold listings include your shop name, address and two phone numbers, a 255 character description about your shop, a floral image, PLUS 80 additional characters next to your image. Five (5) delivery cities are included with this membership level. Additional city listings may be purchased for $10 each/year on the annual payment plan or $10.00/month on the monthly payment plan. Gold is the most aggressive listing. They appear at the top of the search for your city.

    SILVER ($395) – Silver listings includes your shop name, address, two phone numbers with space for a short description about your shop (102 characters). Two (2) delivery cities are included with this membership. Silver member listings appear below the Gold members.
  • Why should I join a directory?
    Florists are losing business to the large “online order gatherers” who market heavily on the Internet. Their efforts give them a real presence and that takes customers away from the traditional florist. Most shops can’t compete with the marketing dollars of these large companies.

    Many florists have a website, but most are NOT receiving the level of Internet traffic that really serves their business. For the small business owner, generating more Internet traffic can be cost prohibitive. Without a high volume of Internet traffic to their websites, florists are wasting their time and money.

    The Internet is clearly a viable source for customers wishing to order flowers. It is expected that online flower related searches will increase 30% this year! Your shop needs to be visible to online customers or you will be missing out on orders!
  • How do I sign up?
    +Sign up online NOW!

    We invite you to join us. Call 1-941-308-5171 for more information.

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